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Full Detail

Expert Service

Our full detail begins with a foam bath presoak, the vehicle is then rinsed to remove heavy dirt and grime, followed by gently washing with premium microfiber wash mitts using our two bucket method.  Vehicles paint and door jambs are hand dried and excess water is blown out to ensure minimal drips. Tires are fully dressed at customers request. A paint sealant is applied for added protection that can last up to six months. 

The interior receives a thorough vacuuming and air purge of carpets to remove stubborn debris followed by steam cleaning around the whole car to sterilize and remove stains or soiling. Dashboards, vents, instrument clusters, cup holders, and consoles are meticulously cleaned and all plastics and vinyls are hand scrubbed and disinfected. All windows, screens, and mirrors are left with a streak free clean. We will shampoo and hot water extract your floors and seats as well. If there is leather we can clean condition and treat the seats.. 

The engine is foamed, washed, degreased, scrubbed with a specified brush, rinsed and steamed ending with a dressing to protect the engine

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